CannaSmack’s Core Values

CannaSmack’s branding and packaging proudly display the cannabis leaf, allowing customers the opportunity to use these family-friendly products to initiate positive dialogue about the variety of benefits of hemp.

At CannaSmack®, we are committed to standing by our beliefs and the Niceology® Phylosophy that everyone matters. We support the idea that all of us can aspire to make a positive difference in the world by taking the smallest of steps by sowing the seeds of change today that will bring about positive life changes for future generations.

As a company, we strive to make a difference in the world that will help improve the daily lives of others and embrace our core tenents:


Create wealth in all aspects of life. Be rich in love. Embrace acceptance.


Be nice! Treat people well, show compassion, be generous, and grateful. Have only the best of intentions in everything you do, being thoughtful in your actions and how they may affect others. Be open-minded and embrace diversity.


Laugh often and strive to be optimistic, playful, funny, light, & witty — aim to become the embodiment of joy.


Manifest relationships that promote positivity. Find synchronistic ways to nurture and supports one another.

Integrity Beyond the Label

We do our best to lead by example, especially in this category. Being “on the inside”, we have a different understanding about the rules and regulations surrounding sourcing of ingredients, labeling, and the multitude of ways in which other producers find loopholes in which they make their products appear to be something better than it is.

Here at CannaSmack, we insist upon offering products with the highest quality, responsibly sourced ingredients. Purposefully producing top notch products; you won’t find us adding unnecessary “filler” ingredients, just for sake of higher yield. 

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