GRACIOUS OM botanicals

Gracious Om is a woman owned and operated company focused on the natural and organic approaches to self-care and beauty. Gracious Om strives to promote self-love and celebrates each and every soul’s unique beauty.

We strongly believe that everything we create should be sustainable, cruelty free & eco-friendly, which is why all our products are carefully crafted with the highest standards and purest ingredients. We say NO to toxins, parabens, sulfates, and dyes. Our Hemp CBD infused products are made from organic, sustainably grown, Non GMO Hemp, cultivated by expert manufactures we know & trust.

Our key has always been to create with intention so when you incorporate Gracious Om to your self-care ritual, know that each product is filled with love & good energy!

At Gracious Om we sage, we meditate and we work in harmony to bring you the best quality self-care line we possibly can. Gracious Om takes a holistic approach to beauty & wellness that transcends skin-care. We strive to provide a complete & natural experience that works to reconnect & realign you to your best & true self; balancing your mind, body and spirit.


Conventional skincare & self-care products including creams, moisturizers, masks + more are high in emulsifying ingredients, preservatives and water and do not contain many (or any!) pure, undiluted active ingredients.

In addition, they tend to be full of filler ingredients and often can contain NO natural or organic ingredients at all. Our self-care products contain REAL natural effective ingredients, which form a natural barrier on the skin to lock in moisture. Our lab tested CBD Hemp products are rich in nutrients & allows you to absorb more anti-oxidants, Omega fatty acids and more vitamins + minerals without any nasties!

Giving Back

At Gracious Om, we believe in the power of giving back (Gracious is in our name) and that the smallest actions don’t go unnoticed. Last year, we were very happy to have donated a portion of our profits to RAN (Rainforest Action Network) a non profit organization dedicated to preserving forest, protecting the climate and challenging corporate powers who are unjustly harming our planet.

This year we plan to continue our fight against climate change by giving a portion of our sales to the Amazon Watch and partnering up with One Tree Planted to help plant over 500+ trees!!

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