Who is Saint Jane?

CBD is the non-psychoactive darling of the cannabis industry and inspired our name, Saint Jane (the innocent side of Mary Jane).


The other Saint Jane in our story is a bold and determined feminist-before-her-time, Jane De Chantal. A widow and single mother in the 1500s, De Chantal dedicated her life to healing women, including the sick, elderly, and unwed mothers. 


It’s in her honor that our founder, Casey Georgeson, a mom of three daughters, developed results-driven beauty formulated with the powerful benefits found in cannabis. We craft products with curated botanicals and high-quality cannabidiol to help restore the skin and empower women to be their most beautiful, confident selves. 


Meet Casey Georgeson

Casey Georgeson has spent her career developing beauty and  wine brands like Marc Jacobs beauty, Kat Von D Beauty, and Cupcake Vineyards. Highly passionate about the powerful benefits of CBD, she created her own collection of covetable, cannabis-infused products with a mission of transforming the skin. 


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