CBD Skincare

One of the trends we’ve seen come up lately is CBD based anything. From muscle rubs to tinctures, CBD has become the go-to product for close to all ailments. As its popularity has risen, we have seen CBD come into the skincare world as well! Since it’s still a pretty new development in the beauty industry especially, here are some of the benefits and effects you can expect from CBD based products.

            Firstly, what is CBD? Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a THC free, highly refined, cannabis (hemp) derivative that increases one’s personal well being without causing the euphoric feeling of being “high”. To be clear, this is not the substance that will take you on a trip! THC is the part of the plant that will get you high. Thus, CBD is perfectly safe for everyday use in all kinds of products.

            So what benefits are there to using CBD based products? The primary benefit is inflammation reduction. Acne, like many other physical problems, is caused by inflammation. Basically, whenever there is a perceived injury to the body, whether physical or stress related, the body will swell to protect the area and promote healing. Inflammation like this is meant for a purpose as stated above, but can have some harmful side effects like acne. Additionally, inflammation can be caused by problems that aren’t actually healed by the inflammation! Whatever the cause is, if you can reduce the inflammation, you can reduce the side effects. CBD is a great inflammation reducer, so adding it to your routine can definitely help get rid of acne especially for those who are very acne prone!

            CBD also has antioxidants and soothing properties! This means that it can help deal with wrinkles and prevent aging. It also means that CBD is suitable for sensitive skin. Fair warning, this does not mean that any CBD product is suitable for sensitive skin! Keep in mind that other ingredients added to the formula may not be gentle enough for some skin types, but CBD as an ingredient is safe for most people to use.

            The antioxidants do help fight bacteria on the skin as well as diminish wrinkles and brighten the tone of the skin. Thus, CBD really does its part in any skincare product it is added to!

            If you’re ready to join the trend and start searching for some CBD skincare products, here is what you need to look for. Make sure you’re looking for the full name of the ingredient in the contents list. CBD oil is not the same as hemp oil, although both have benefits to using them. CBD will be listed as Cannabidiol or CBD in the ingredients list, so keep an eye out for that key word. Additionally, remember your skin type! CBD oil is suitable for all skin types, but other ingredients are not. Search for CBD products that are tailored towards your needs. We hope you find this guide helpful, and we hope you find just the product for you so that you can start enjoying the benefits of CBD skincare too!


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