Replacing the Old with Cannabis Based Products

If you’ve spent enough time here on our blog, you know that the benefits of Cannabis based products are numerous and well worth your interest, but sometimes we get questions like “what are the most important cosmetics to switch” and “How should I start incorporating Cannabis based products into my routine?”

Well, not to fear, friends! Here is your cheat sheet that outlines how to build a Cannabis based skincare and beauty routine while foundationally setting it on what you already have!

The first tip we have for you is to wait until a bottle of a product is empty. This is extremely practical, but it also signals a few other indicators that will help you know that this is a product you should consider switching to a Cannabis based product.

First, an empty bottle signals that you need to purchase more anyway. This is the practical side of this method. Since you would already be spending money to replace the product, why not use that money towards trying something new! If you’ve been waiting for a good excuse to purchase a Cannabis based product, there it is!

Secondly, an empty bottle indicates that you liked that particular product. What I mean by this is that an empty bottle of serum means that you use a serum routinely enough to empty a bottle of it. How many times have we bought that trendy product and barely even pumped it one time? Don’t buy a product you wouldn’t include in your routine. Avoid doing this by looking at what you actually use!

Thirdly, an empty bottle means you will be excited to try the new product. If you’re running low, you’ll start to feel the need for the product. If you’re completely out before you reorder, you’ll surely be missing it those few days you have to go without it! Waiting until you have an almost empty bottle will ignite your fire for the new one coming in!

The last tip we have for you is to try products from brands that you trust. For example, Pacifica is a very popular and well-known skincare brand that many love and follow. Their new CBD based line of skincare is available on our site along with some other brands that may not be as recognized. If you are unsure about a certain product or brand, it definitely helps to pick from a line you know is a solid line if it’s available to you. If it’s not, simply do your research!

All the of the products that we carry are less than 0.3% THC, and we carefully screen for any other ingredients that could be harmful, but don’t trust us blindly. Be confident in your purchases by investigating and making a good decision for yourself!

Switching products can be a hard road especially if you already have your routine the way you like it, but it is so worth it to try new formulas and ingredients that contain so many wonderful benefits, so be adventurous and get out there!

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