Skincare options for men

Although they are reluctant to admit it sometimes, men have just as many skincare needs as women! Typical men may not prioritize it but keeping well-maintained faces will keep them youthful and acne free!


            Skincare may still be important for the average man, but their needs differ somewhat from the average woman. Of course, there are outliers and people breaking the mold everywhere (Go you guys!), but for today’s article, we will be speaking of the average male and the average female. The average female wears a moderate amount of makeup to school or work mostly including foundation/concealer, a powder, and an average amount of eye makeup. In comparison, the average man takes a shower and is ready to start the day.


            No one argues the fact that makeup needs to be removed after the end of a day. The skin needs to be cleared of any outside substances so that it can heal during the night. How does this apply to men who typically don’t wear makeup, though?


            That’s a great question. Not only does human skin produces natural oils, throughout the day, it comes into contact with plenty of other dirt and grime outside of its natural output. Men are not invincible to the substances of the outside world! Even in an office, the skin is exposed to dust and foreign air.


            Since we can’t avoid these particles without a protective vacuum bubble, the skin needs to be protected and taken care of! Again, men are not immune to the cares of the world! Thus, they need skincare just like the rest of us, even if they don’t need as much.


            If you are a typical guy, you only need two or three products to help you maintain youthful and healthy skin. Upping your game by including Cannabis based products will make your routine even more effective and efficient! Here are two products you can start with:


  1. Start with a cleanser. The main issue that guys have to deal with when it comes to skincare is cleaning the daily residue off of their faces. A simple rinse in the shower is usually not enough to clean the pores. A cleanser will give the extra strength needed to make sure the face is squeaky clean. The Herbal Essntls “Cleansing Oil” is a favorite with guys!
  2. The second main product you’ll want to start using is a moisturizer. It’s not enough to just cleanse your face. You have to remind your pores that they don’t need to over produce to make up for the oils you just stripped away. Additionally, it will add many nutrients including Cannabis that will help your skin repair itself. The “Moisturizing Cream STUPEFIANTE CREAM” from Ho Karan is an awesome healing formula that features Cannabis’s most soothing benefits!


As a guy, you don’t really need much to get started, but it’s important to be dedicated and use the products every day! The more comfortable you are with your products, the more you can add! Good luck!