Some tips to starting a basic Skin Care Routine

Skin care is so important, but so overwhelming. Depending on the source, “experts” will report any routine from letting your natural oils do all the work to copiously cleansing and moisturizing will work wonders for your skin and completely change the way you look at skincare. Although usually well intentioned, these writers simply don’t recognize the need for individualized routines.

            Everyone is different, so each person’s preference will be different, but it can be very helpful to have a starting place! If you are not a skincare guru, you may be asking questions like “What are the necessities,” “What might work for me,” and “How do I even know what these products are?” Don’t worry, though! The world of serums and creams and cleansers can be confusing, but here is a basic pattern that can be expanded or condensed according to your needs and lifestyle featuring Cannabis based products that enhance both the routine and your skin!

            The first product you should look for is a cleanser. Basically, the cleanser is the most important part of any skincare routine. If you don’t wear makeup, the pores of your skin are picking up dirt and grime particles in addition to producing the natural oils of your face. If you wear makeup, this is multiplied exponentially. Thus, getting a good cleanser is vital. How often you use it is up to you depending on how often you wear makeup, how oily your skin is, etc. We recommend the “Oil Cleanser + War Paint Remover” from our Code of Harmony collection!

            The next item on your list of priorities should be a moisturizer. Even if you have oily skin, a good moisturizer can help signal to your pores that they do not need to over produce oil. A very high-quality moisturizer that utilizes Cannabis to preserve elasticity and youthfulness is “Moisturizer” from Herbal Essntls!

            The last few products you may want to include are all highly beneficial although slightly less important than the first two. A lip balm is so important as the skin on your lips is very delicate and sensitive. The “CBD Hydrating Lip Balm” from Cannuka is absolutely sublime! A serum or toner will help your skin retain its elasticity and youthfulness by stimulating collagen production. The “Radiance Youth Serum” from Winged is perfect for that. Lastly, consider a body lotion for the rest of your skin as your face is not the only area that benefits from some TLC! Pacifica’s “Cosmic Hemp CBD Everything Balm” is amazing.

            Cannabis based skincare products do have the ability to provide certain benefits more efficiently than other more generic skincare choices, but we aren’t here to tell you to use our specific pattern to get flawless skin overnight. The right skincare routine is the skincare routine that works for you. Some people barely have to wash their faces and others need several products in the morning and at night. The key to skincare is listening to what your body is telling you that it wants, so listen to your skin and go from there!