About Us!

Here at Stash Box Beauty, we believe in the power of quality ingredients. For the product to be truly high quality and effective, the ingredients must be high quality and effective as well.

Quality You Can Trust

Stash Box Beauty is the number one spot to find the highest quality yet most affordable Cannabis-based beauty products on the market. We take extra care in the way we source the products we sell because we want our consumers to have access to products that are safe, high-quality and beneficial to their health.

Our product line includes an extensive assortment of makeup, skin care, bath and body products and more - all infused with cannabis extracts like CBD, full spectrum, broad spectrum and cannabis sativa seed oil.

Our Mission

Stash Box Beauty aims to provide customers with the best line of high-quality cannabis-based beauty products and brands, and seeks to empower them with the information and knowledge they need to make the best product decisions that can enhance their daily beauty routines.