Calming CBD Body Crème Body Creme Floramye Phenom
Calming CBD Body Crème Body Creme Floramye Bravura
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Soothing Full-Spectrum Body Crème


600mg full-spectrum, organic hemp CBD
All products contain 0.3% THC or less.

This restorative cream helps soothe sore joints and muscles while elevating the spirit.

Its symphony of certified-organic ingredients—including full-spectrum hemp CBD—also helps balance dry, or irritated skin.

Made in the United States / Packaging made in Italy

Phenom full spectrum certified organic CBD* Shea Butter*, Aloe Leaf Juice*, Alcohol*, Grape Seed Oil*, Beeswax*, Lecithin*, Carnauba Wax*, Vitamin E, Sunflower Seed Oil, Evening Primrose*, Rosehip*, Roman Chamomile*, Geranium*, Rose Otto*, Neroli*, Jasmine*, Acai Pulp Extract*, Glycerin*, Xanthan Gum, Certified organic Bravura full spectrum certified organic CBD* Shea Butter*, Aloe Leaf Juice*, Alcohol*, Grape Seed Oil*, Jojoba Seed Oil*, Ylang Ylang*, Lemon Citrus peel oil*, Grapefruit*, Cedarwood*, Sandalwood*, Myrrh*, Frankincense*, Bergamot*, Geranium*, Beeswax*, Lecithin*, Carnauba Wax*, Vitamin E, Sunflower Seed Oil, Acai Pulp Extract*, Glycerin*, Xanthan Gum *Certified organic
Massage a small amount into areas of concern daily. Increase amount as needed. Store at room temperature, 65-72F. This creme is made with butters that will melt in heat. Stir and cool to re-solidify.
What’s CBD? Our Revitalizing CBD Body Creme is powered by full-spectrum, sun-grown hemp extract.This potent ingredient contains an array of beneficial compounds called cannabinoids. The best-known of these is cannabidiol, or CBD. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, a network of receptors in the body that help regulate pain and irritation, among other things. It is not psychotropic—but it can help you move through life with more clarity and ease. Phenom & Bravura Floramye’s signature essential oil blends Floramye combines CBD-rich hemp extract with essential oils to further enhance your experience. All plants, including hemp and essential oils, contain terpenes—compounds that give plants their scents and flavors. When we inhale or ingest terpenes, they have an effect on the body. Some are energizing, while others are more calming. Choose from two distinct fragrance profiles, each with a unique terpene blend: Phenom: Uplift your senses with a delicate bouquet of evening primrose, rosehip, chamomile, geranium and other floral oils. Bravura: Ground yourself in the moment, thanks to an earthy mix of ylang ylang, citrus, cedarwood, and sandalwood. Why organic? Hemp plants absorb toxins like pesticides from the soil. To minimize the impact of this, we’ve chosen to source our hemp from a farm that’s USDA certified organic. (It’s also Good Agricultural Processes (GAP) certified and certified non-GMO—and has been growing organic vegetables for over 50 years.) The rest of our ingredients, including our essential oils, are also sourced in small, certified organic batches. We rigorously test all of our raw materials for purity, and we test again for contaminants once our formulas have been hand-blended. The result: The cleanest, safest products possible, bottled in sustainable packaging.